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The range of EgoEd electronic cigarettes and accessories offers smokers a fantastic variety of complete kits, clearomisers and batteries. From dark solid colours to the brightest designs, from the highest autonomy batteries to the most compact models, from discreet and simple-to-use clearomisers to high-capacity devices which can be disassembled: here, any electronic cigarette user can create the most suitable e-cigarette for their own use. While the EgoEd range boasts the assets which have made Ego-type e-cigarettes so well-known, it always keeps an eye on the latest technological advances, especially with regard to variable voltage batteries, and demonstrates its boldness in terms of design and customisation with the almost infinite versions offered by ColorEd.


ProEd is a range of clearomisers and high performance batteries designed for seasoned and experienced e-smokers. Minimum battery autonomy of 1300mAh, tempered glass or high-capacity pyrex clearomisers, fine metallic finishing: build your complete e-cigarette by combining ProEd elements ensuring you create a highly-autonomous device, with an original design and unrivalled performance. AeroEd technology and luminous batteries have recently expanded this series of top-of-the-range accessories aiming to offer a large collection of options for the demanding e-smoker to customise and adjust their device.


For the most demanding users who want to control every aspect of their e-cigarette, Edsylver offers a complete range of mods compatible with all clearomisers in the other ranges. Ideally combined with clearomisers from the ProEd range, they create e-cigarettes which are both original, customisable and powerful. Two types of mods are available: mechanical mods, for lovers of efficient simplicity, and electronic mods, for those who want to be able to make ultra-precise adjustments and have perfect control of the vapour released.


Alongside its rechargeable e-cigarettes, Edsylver offers a high performance disposable model. It stands out from other e-cigarette systems for its lightness, its extremely easy-to-use system and its very discreet design, thanks to its striking resemblance to traditional cigarettes. Available individually or in packs containing up to ten disposable e-cigarettes, it should also be noted for its particularly economical nature.


The most demanding palates can enjoy the INTENSE range to discover or rediscover their favorite e-liquid in a new light. The aromas released by clearomisers IntensED are tastier, regardless of the used e-liquid. Edsylver offers clearomiser Intensed mini INTENSE entry level, a robust clearomiser, metallic, available in black patent or metallized EGO format to be used with most existing batteries and mods. The clearomisers Intense range are compatible with EGO PRO MOD and CONNECT.
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