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Where to buy an electronic cigarette

All questions and answers on our point of sale, electronic cigarette pharmacy, tobacconist. Want to buy an electronic cigarette or get in contact with one of our distributor? Response has certainly been given previously, you can see here all the information concerning the purchase of an electronic cigarette out of our website.

Electronic Cigarette: Reviews and thanks

Your opinion interests us good or bad, we constantly evolve our electronic cigarette thanks to your advice. Here the part of users of the electronic cigarette, reviews, and thanks to our customers who regularly use EdSylver.

Electronic cigarette and airplane, train, transport ...

All about the regulation of electronic cigarettes in flight, use the electronic cigarette in the train or other public transport? Many questions about it we are regularly asked and we respond in each case to all your worries.

Electronic cigarette, danger and cons-indications

Questions about the dangers of electronic cigarette, related to medical history, health problems respiratory, cardiac, pulmonary find their answers here. We inform you about the cons-indications when we can. Do not forget to consult your doctor before using the electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarette prices and tariffs

All information related to rates refills and electronic cigarette prices and prices on the internet and our distributors.

Electronic cigarette without nicotine or nicotine

All questions / answers related to the use of nicotine cartridges with or without nicotine your electronic cigarette. Want to know what is the exact content of nicotine refills of our correspondence with your usual cigarettes, if used in conjunction with smoking cessation is possible, we are talking about.

Electronic Cigarette and E-liquid bottles

We hear a lot about the models of electronic cigarettes E-Liquid to refill ... How to choose the e-liquid, the bottles should be safety standards, including being fitted with a child resistant cap. The composition of eliquide must also be certified. As a reminder, e-liquid EdSylver meet all safety standards and their composition is closely monitored.

Composition refills e-cigarette, propylene glycol, glycerol

The composition of our refills follows the strictest regulations in terms of safety of ingredients used. All false rumors about propylene glycol, glycerol, are explained. The latest studies on electronic cigarettes conducted by independent laboratories ...

Electronic cigarette and Social Security

The electronic cigarette is it reimbursed by Social Security? Can we get a refund in the purchase of the Electronic Cigarette by the mutual-health?

Battery problem or sprayer Service

For each problem using its solution. Electronic cigarette requires regular maintenance to enable proper operation dand time. Here you will find a summary of the solutions to the problems already encountered.

Electronic Cigarette Cessation

Many of you ask us questions about the use of the electronic cigarette EdSylver complement your smoking cessation treatment. Champix patch nicotine, the questions that have been asked.

EdSylver flavor refills - Your proposals

We listen to your expectations, which is why we selected the taste of our refills according to your expectations. If you want a new flavor for your ecigarette EdSylver, do not hesitate to let us know here

Using the AC charger or USB battery

Battery red or blue? How long should you charge the battery, what is its lifetime? This is serious he leave the battery connected to the charger all night? Auxquelle many questions we will answer in this section.

Delivery of the electronic cigarette EdSylver

You wish to inquire about the method of delivery, the delivery time when ordering in EdSylver? Check here if a person has ever wanted to know a delivery near you!

How to become a dealer distributor of electronic cigarette EdSylver

You can sell EdSylver within your business or your council. Benefit from exceptional offers by becoming a partner of the Electronic Cigarette No. 1 in Europe.

Technical details - Specifications of our electronic cigarette

All your questions about the technical specifications of the electronic cigarette EdSylver. Size of the cigarette, number of puffs per cartridge, autonomy, charging time ...

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